Audio links go to Dropbox files, transcript links auto-download a copy of the PDFs. Here’s a Guide to all of the interviews. It contains information on how all these people are connected with Jane and Rob, when they were interviewed, brief comments, etc.

Aber, Marilyn – Marilyn was born in Elmira NY. She met Jane and Rob through Artistic Greetings, where both Marilyn and Rob worked.

Aber Audio | Aber Transcript

Alexander, Wade & Marianne – Wade and Marianne were Seth readers. While living in Ithica, Wade was doing some piano repairs for Elmira College. Wade called Jane and started attending the ESP classes around 1973.

Alexander Audio | Alexander Transcript

Banker, Michael (Gumby) – Gumby lived in Elmira, attended the ESP classes, ended up being personal friends with Rob and Jane and then Rob and Laurel. Was one of 3 people at Rob and Laurel’s wedding.

Banker Audio | Banker Transcript

Bickford, Shirley and McCracken, Linda – A fun listen! Shirley Bickford lived in Elmira, saw Jane’s ad for ESP classes. Linda is Shirley’s daughter, in college at the time, and would join Shirley in the classes when on school breaks. Shirley had a fun table-tipping story. Linda describes Seth; she went on to be a channel herself and a publisher, author and a medium.

Bickford Audio | Bickford-McCracken Transcript

Blumenthal, Steve – Lived in Colorado with his wife around 1976, were Seth material readers and communicated with Jane, visited Jane, met  the Alexanders. They later moved back to NY and attended the ESP classes, became friends with  Jane and Rob. Made recordings of the classes. Descriptions of what the classes were like.

Blumenthal Audio Part 1Part 2Part 3 | Blumenthal Transcript (All Parts)

Bumbalo, Margaret – Neighbor of Jane and Rob on Pinnacle Road (the Hill House); lived across the street. Being a school nurse/teacher, she helped care for Jane before Jane was hospitalized. She knew some other teachers that attended the classes. Margaret’s dog Gus was mentioned on God of Jane. She stored all of the original writings for a while.

Bumbalo Audio | Bumbalo Transcript

Colucci, Marie & Andrew – Lived near Water Street (on Walnut); Andy was Rob’s and later Laurel’s dentist. They have two of Rob’s large paintings. They were friends with Rob and Jane, did not attend classes. Were friends of the Gallaghers.

Colucci Audio | Colucci Transcript

Corbett, Marjorie – Part of Gurdjieff group, attended some ESP classes
Corbett Audio Part 1Part 2 | Corbett Transcript

Cratsley, Merle & Lois – Both worked at Artistic with Rob. Also lived at 458 W. Water for short time. Owns a lot of Rob’s art which Rob traded for their car.
Cratsley Audio Part 1Part 2 | Cratsley Transcript

Crittenden, Clair – Was a  painting model and girlfriend of Bill Mcdonell; was there for ouija board sessions and the very first time Seth came through. Talks about OBE experiments. Channelled Frederick, which Jane/Rob witnessed.

Crittenden AudioCrittenden Interview

Dake, Robert – Bob was a long time friend of Jane’s first husband, Walter Zeh. The recording is mostly muffled and difficult to comprehend. Had information to share about Jane’s childhood, her mother, and personal information about Walt.

Dake Audio Part 1Part 2Part 3 | Dake Transcript

Davidson, Lawrence – Interviewed at CA Seth Conference; original New York Boy; great interview!
Davidson Audio Part 1Part 2 | Davidson Transcript

Dillman, Mary – I don’t know who was interviewing Mary here, but I thought Mary deserved her own space on this page full of her interviews. I have not made a transcript as it’s a very clear audio recording.

Mary Dillman Talks about SRP

Diorio, Becky & Tom – Husband and wife who attended the ESP classes. Lots of information packed into this intervew!
Diorio Audio Part 1Part 2 | Diorio Transcript

Dowler, Lawrence – The librarian at Yale who accepted Jane Roberts’ papers into the archives; met with Jane and Rob and experienced Seth at that time.
Dowler Audio | Dowler Transcript

Emmer, Cindy – ESP class member – 1972/73; didn’t remember too much, didn’t attend a lot of classes.
Emmer Audio | Emmer Transcript

Fieno, Stephen – ESP class member early 70s, had lots of observations of Jane and Rob.
Fieno AudioFieno Transcript

Fine, Arthur – Was one of the NY Boys but didn’t attend as much as the others.
Fine Audio | Fine Transcript

Gallagher, Peg – Peg and her husband Bill were close friends with Jane and Rob. They attended classes and the Friday night socials.

Gallagher Audio | Gallagher Transcript

Hamberger, Agnes – Agnes lived almost directly across Middle Avenue from Jane and her mother in Saratoga Springs. Jane was a few years older than Agnes (see the bottom of the Resources Page for a card Jane made for baby “Anis” when Jane was 7). Agnes is 85 now and still living in Saratoga Springs and is a volunteer at the Saratoga Springs History Museum. This interview is an extremely enjoyable listen. Agnes remembers a LOT about Jane, her mother and other neighbors.

Hamberger Audio | Hamberger Transcript

Hamlin, Sonya – Short but sweet. Seth came out multiple times when Jane was being interviewed by Sonya on her show; Sonya describes the experience.
Hamlin Audio | Hamlin Transcript

Herschaft, Larry – Very nice man, was friends with the NY Boys, has info about Francois. Bought some Rob paintings, still has a large one of Jane sitting on rocks at York Beach.
Herschaft Audio | Herschaft Transcript

Hopkins, Marge – Member of the “Rochester Group,” a Seth group that would drive down to Elmira to have private sessions with Jane/Seth. She provided Mary with recordings. A very enjoyable interview. Marge was a hypnotherapist who used Seth teachings in her work.
Hopkins Audio Part 1Part 2 | Hopkins Transcript

Huddleston, Peggy – Heard J&R being interviewed on radio and met them at the studio; became instant friends. Very interesting person & interview, she has some deep family history in the US and also with Yale (a founder, on both maternal & paternal sides of family). Wrote a book on dealing with stress of surgery, very successful. Did a reading for Jane, Seth talked about root of Jane’s health issues.
Huddleston Audio | Huddleston Transcript

Hutter, Lois – Parents were former landlords at S Elmer and friends from Sayre; not a whole lot of information
Hutter Audio| Hutter Transcript

LaGrassa, Pat & Kim – Pat and daughter, Kim, both attended ESP classes. Talked over each other, difficult to transcribe.
LaGrassa Audio Part 1Part 2 | LaGrassa Transcript

Longwell, Eve & Jean – Jean was visiting her mother; Frank Longwell mentioned a lot in the books; have some paintings.
Longwell Audio | Longwell Transcript

Lord Laub, Cec – Artistic. Did not remember too much; attended a few classes and she and husband were friends with Jane & Rob.
Lord Laub Audio | Lord Laub Transcript

Marcus, Jeff (with Rich Kendall) – Both NY Boys; very clear recording, very enjoyable interviews. Also an interview by Rich Kendall (no mp3) and another short on Table Tipping.
Marcus/Kendall Audio | Marcus/Kendall Transcript | Extra: Rich Interviews Jeff | Bonus: Table Tipping Class

Mayfield, Darlene – Had some special stories about her experiences with Seth; appears in photos in Conversations and the iconic NY Boys photo.

Mayfield Audio | Mayfield Transcript

Moffett, Hope – Attended writing classes, had stories about some of the exercises they did; also some info about Seth and Jane

Moffett Audio | Moffett Transcript

Murtough, PeterWhen Peter was young he started having paranormal experiences. One of them was he would channel a personality named Ferd. He found out about Jane channeling Seth, and ended up staying with them for a short period in 1967.
Murtough Audio | Murtough Transcript

Nesbitt Adams Davis, Lydia – Lydia was Elmira College student, ESP classes. She’s currently still performing as a folk singer, sings a song on the recording about the Viet Nam war.

Nesbitt Audio | Nesbitt Transcript

Norelli, Pat – ESP classes and friend; mentioned frequently in TES/TPS books; was the student who “kept falling in love with men she couldn’t have” (Ses. 403); Seth spoke for her Honors Class (Ses. 329)

Norelli Audio | Norelli Transcript

Oberg, Al – His wife also attended classes, but has Alzheimers. 2010 Deceased, age 91. Very enjoyable interview. First half had more Seth information.

Olberg Audio Part 1Part 2 | Oberg Transcript

Rhoads, George – George was a friend of Sue Watkins and attended some of the ESP classes. He spent time sketching class members and other things during the classes, and his illustrations appear throughout Sue’s Conversations With Seth. Thanks to some advice from Seth during a private session, George went on to be a well-known and successful artist.

Rhoads Audio | Rhoads Transcript

Rutty, Marion – Franzen Judy – Daughters of Ruth Klebert who was more into the Seth sessions; not too much info; apparently gave photos of the “table tipping” table to Mary but I can’t find them.

Franzen Audio | Franzen Transcript

Sherman Stroup, Alice – Went to HS with Jane, stayed over a couple of times; knew Walt; had some info about Jane’s family, school friends. Hard to hear at some times, but a very informative “missing link.”

Sherman Audio Part 1Part 2 | Sherman Stroup Transcript

Spaziani, John – John’s parents owned the Water Street house and lived the property from when he was 8 until 13. He has a lot of interesting memories of Rob and Jane, living on the property, had a lot of complimentary things to say about Jane. A really charming and interesting interview.

Spaziani Audio | Spaziani Transcript

Walker, Dr. Helen – Dr. Walker was a Metaphysical Minister. She was introduced to Jane Roberts by a fellow member of a meditation class. At one point she was teaching classes on the Seth materials, and after attending a conference by the Austin Seth Center decided to have her own conferences in Colorado.

Walker Audio | Walker Audio

Watkins, Sue – Sue was an ESP class member and a close friend to Jane and Rob for many years. Sue of course wrote Conversations with Seth, Speaking of Jane Roberts and two other Seth-related books What a coincidence! and Dreaming Myself, Dreaming a Town. This interview is very energetic and entertaining, with lots of fun stories.

Watkins Audio | Watkins Transcript

Weissenbuhler, Elsbeth and Heinz – “Woman from Big Flats” – became friends with Jane and Rob; interesting and enjoyable, more info about Jane and Rob.

Weissenbuhler  Audio Part 1Part 2Part 3 | Weissenbuhler Transcript

Wolinsky, Richard – Interviewed at CA Seth Conference; one of the NY Boys.

Wolinsky Audio | Wolinsky Transcript

Yaudes, Leonard – Leonard was the downstairs neighbor and friend of Jane and Rob. he is the person for whom Jane made her Little Book to Leonard. He had lots of memories to share and it was a very enjoyable interview.

Yaudes Audio | Yaudes Transcript

Young, Ed – Ed was a physicist working on Kirilian photog and other atypical projects at Stanford University. Traveled to NY to have a session with Jane/Seth, brought a friend and another professor with him. Had a very interesting observation about Jane’s physical condition when speaking as herself vs speaking as Seth.

Young Audio | Young Transcript