This is where you will find resources regarding Jane and the Seth material. There are lists of books and sessions below, and a couple of fun treasures at the end. More will be added as Mary’s research is finalized.

ESP Class with Seth, February 23, 1971

Note: There is no audio, so a transcript of this session can be downloaded by clicking the button. More details are below the video.

ESP CLASS FEB. 23, 1971 (PDF)

JaneESPclassTerrio - no sound

When we follow our impulses and stay true to our ideals, magical events follow naturally. One of Jane Roberts’ class members filmed part of the February 23, 1971 class. Although many attempts were made over the years, I was unable to locate the student and the film. Imagine my surprise to find that movie in the storage unit I purchased from Laurel Davies-Butts. It was an 8 millimeter Kodachrome film with no audio which was standard for the time. Although there was some damage, I feel very fortunate that this 4 ½ minute treasure survived and surfaced. Since no audio tape of this class exists, the session has been included. Permission was granted to include both the film and the transcript on this website.

Individuals listed in order of appearance with pseudonyms used in “Conversations With Seth.”

Seth, Valerie, Vanessa, Seth/Jane, Natalie Swing, Janice Simmonds, Bette Zahorian (in red), Florence McIntyre, Sally Benson, Mike, Ned Watkins (in striped shirt), Allison Hess, Joel Hess, William/Wally Cone, Molly Pearson, Arnold Pearson, Sue Watkins

Audio Recording of Seth Two

A 9+ minute recording of Seth Two speaking through Jane, captured by Rich Kendall at the January 19, 1971 Class. Transcript

Paul Cunningham and “The Problem of Seth’s Origin”

Here are some of the scanned materials related to Paul Cunningham’s original “Seth’s Origin” paper—correspondence between Paul, Tam, and Jane and Rob. You can get Paul’s paper here on Dropbox. To download, click on the three dots on the right side when you get to the Dropbox window. The full story behind this paper can be read on the News & Updates page. Update 12/6/21: Paul had a paper accepted to the “Journal of Psychology”  in an attempt that the  Jane/Seth Phenomenon be recognized. You can download a copy here. He also has a book coming out very soon, Introduction to Transpersonal Psychology, Bridging Spirit and Science, which draws upon the aspect psychology of Jane Roberts. The book is available on Routledge (written for the layperson as well as part of a course for graduate students on transpersonal or humanistic psychology).

Letter from Paul to Tam
Paul’s letter to Tam Mossman
Tam's letter back to Paul
Tam’s Reply
Paul's letter to Jane
Paul’s letter to Jane
Jane and Rob to Paul
Jane and Rob’s letter to Paul, front
Back of Jane/Rob's letter
Back of Jane/Rob’s letter

Lists and Indexes of Sessions

Jane-Rob-Seth and Seth Materials Timeline


This list is a timeline that begins in 1890 and ends in 2010. It includes all notable dates in the days of Jane, Rob and Seth, including birth dates of parents and relatives, events that we know from the books and some that are new to us, book dictation and publication dates and so much more. Mary noted where much of the information came from, such as journals, newspaper articles, personal and fan letters, books, and boxes that are archived in the Sterling Library. You can also search through box content inventories at the Sterling Library here.

List of the Seth Sessions compiled by Mary Dillman


This list gives you the date of each session, the session number, the day of the week on which it was held, and what book it can be found in. So if you want to look up a session by its date, or if you know the number of a session that contains a topic you want to read about, you can look it up that way as well.

Index of Personal Sessions compiled by Sue Williams


Index of The Early Sessions, Books 1 through 9, compiled by Sue Williams

Index of Seth Books compiled by Sue Williams


  • How to Develop Your ESP Power
  • Seth, Dreams, and Projection of Consciousness
  • The Seth Material
  • Seth Speaks
  • The Nature of Personal Reality
  • The “Unknown” Reality – Volume 1
  • The “Unknown” Reality – Volume 2
  • The Nature of the Psyche
  • The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events
  • Dreams, “Evolution,” and Value Fulfillment – Volume 1
  • Dreams, “Evolution,” and Value Fulfillment – Volume 2
  • The Magical Approach
  • The Way Toward Health

Index of Jane Roberts books compiled by Sue Williams


  • Adventures in Consciousness
  • Psychic Politics
  • The God of Jane

Comparing published and recorded material


One of my projects has been comparing the sessions as published in the Seth books with the session copies in the Jane Roberts Papers archived at Yale University Library. Rob often re-wrote his notes for various editing purposes as well as to keep people’s identities confidential. Most of the alterations involved changing the sentence structure, making word substitutions to avoid repetition, and grammar corrections. There were also some edits made in the Seth sessions by the publishers, and I have no way of knowing if the changes were made by the publishers or by Rob and Jane. Below are some changes that I found interesting. Due to copyright restrictions, I have not included full sessions or multi-paragraph omissions as I believe they will be published in a separate volume in the future.


Jane Roberts was featured in the November 1970 “Inner Space, the Magazine of the Psychic and Occult.”


innerspace cover

Raymond Van Over, the editor, wrote the Introduction for “The Seth Material” and I have included his editorial as well.  The article was co-written by Raymond and his wife, C. C. Chambers. They visited Jane and Rob in May 1970 and had a private (unpublished) session with Seth.

In 2019 Mary received a card made by Jane Roberts when she was 7 years old, with the accompanying note from Agnes Hamberger:

In some of my brother’s ‘things’ from our home – a handmade Easter greeting from Jane [Roberts] to me.

Easter Greetings to ‘my baby’ Anis T.

When I was a baby (the only one at the time of my generation in the family or neighborhood), I was called Agnes Therese. The notation in my mother’s handwriting identifies Jane as 7 years old.

I remember my mother telling me Jane and one of the neighbors, Ann Peterson, each claimed me as ‘their’ baby…. and it was quite the competition.

Picture little Jane going up the steps to ring the bell to deliver the greeting!

Passed to you Mary – give it a good home!

front of card
“Front” of card, click image to enlarge
back of card
“Back” of card, click image to enlarge