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The Seth Multiverse Vol. I
Volume I
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I know in my last update I said this post would be about Jane’s father, Delmar Roberts. But recently exciting news has surfaced and I wanted to share it with you right away. A new Seth book, The Seth Multiverse Volume 1, has been published! It contains numerous unpublished sessions that Mary Dillman unearthed during her research at Yale. Having these sessions published was one of Mary’s biggest dreams and I’m so happy her wish is coming true. The book is currently only available in German, produced by “Seth-Verlag,” a publishing company located in Switzerland that has translated most of the Seth and Seth-related books into German. Hopefully in the near future they will be published in English.

I thought you might like to know more about “Seth-Verlag” and a founding member, Maurizio Vogrig, was kind enough to provide the information below. CLICK the images to Amazon. Enjoy!

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Swiss Publishing House “Seth-Verlag”

Ursula Lang
Ursula Lang

The Swiss publishing house Seth-Verlag was founded in 1999 by two former members of the Swiss Association of Friends of Seth, Ursula Lang and Maurizio Vogrig. The association itself came into being in 1981 and was crucial for translating and publishing the so-called Seth classics into German.

Maurizio Vogrig
Maurizio Vogrig

As was the case in the U.S., the Seth books disappeared from bookshops in Europe in the early 1990s due to a lack of interest resulting in lower publication. This is why Maurizio and Ursula decided to found a publishing house that would focus entirely on the work of Jane Roberts.

They began their activity by translating and publishing a German version of The Early Sessions – Die frühen Sitzungen. After the successful completion of this project and the publication of all nine volumes, the German versions of The Early Class Sessions, The Magical Approach, and Seth, Dreams and Projections of Consciousness followed.

All of these Seth books were first-time German publications of titles that had been published in the United States several years earlier.

By this time, the Seth classics were no longer available in German translation, as the publishers who had first produced them had stopped printing these books due to low sales. Furthermore, many of the earlier translations were editions that had been abridged to one degree or another.

Therefore, the founders of the Seth publishing house decided to acquire the rights to these books and produce and publish new translations. The new German edition of The Way Toward Health completed this major project in 2022.

During this time, Seth-Verlag also translated and published books by Sue Watkins, Rick Stack, Lynda Madden Dahl and Richard Kendall.

For many years there has been a wonderful connection between Seth-Verlag and many Seth friends in the U.S. In 2001, Ursula and Maurizio traveled from Switzerland to Sayre, PA, to meet with Robert Butts and Laurel Davies-Butts and discuss the projects of the then still young Swiss publishing house—an unforgettable experience that strengthened them in their intention to keep the Seth material alive in the German-speaking world.

On this trip, they also met Mary Dillman and Richard Kendall at Yale, where they spent a few days with the Seth Material at the Sterling Memorial Library.

Mary, Switzerland
Mary in Switzerland
Sue Watkins Switzerland
Sue Watkins, Switzerland

Mary, as well as Sue Watkins, later visited them in Switzerland. Additionally, Mary, Rick Stack and Richard Kendall were speakers at several Seth conferences in Switzerland and Germany.

Books published by Seth-Verlag
Books published by Seth-Verlag

Thanks to Seth-Verlag, most of Jane Robert’s books are now available in German, and a steady and loyal readership has developed. This work was made possible not least by many people who supported Seth-Verlag spiritually and financially, especially Christoph Gassmann, a former psychologist and dream researcher, who has also ensured that the “Seth House” project in Elmira could be realized and who guarantees that the work on publishing German translations of the Seth Material will be possible also in the future.

The latest project of Seth-Verlag is the publication of a work in two volumes with so far unpublished Seth sessions compiled by Mary Dillman during her research work on the Seth Material. In 2023, Volume 1 of The Seth Multiverse was published in Switzerland in German. It is the first Seth book that is currently only available in translation.

Today, the Swiss Seth-Verlag is practically the only publishing house outside the U.S.A. still committed to the preservation and publication of the Seth Material. To date, over 40 Seth books and Seth related books have been translated and published – a true labor of love, and there is still a lot to do.

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My Wonderful Monte Valdo
My Wonderful Monte Valdo on Amazon

Maurizio has also recently published a fascinating book My Wonderful Monte Valdo, A New Home in the South of Switzerland through his smartmyway publishing company. It can also be found on Amazon. Available for the first time in English, it’s the memoirs of Kathrin Rüegg, a real pioneer who in the 70s decided to leave her successful career and life in the city to start an organic farm in the country. It’s the first volume of several. I’ve read it myself and honestly can’t wait for the next volume!

Thanks for reading!

Stay calm and Seth on… Deb

25 thoughts on “A new Unpublished Sessions book!”

  1. Yup. Still waiting for the English version of these books to be published. These rediscovered sessions sound fascintating! Maybe for the holidays we’ll all be surprised by Santa.

    1. We know how this works. All of us looking forward to the new sessions books in English need to imagine us reading them. That’s all it should take. ;=)

  2. I was able to translate the description of these 2 new books (which was in German) from the publisher’s website, using the translate feature on Chrome. It explains more about what’s inside the books. Maybe if enough people contact them, they will publish the books in the original English or maybe the Seth Center will do it. Let’s hope! The books sound truly fascinating and seem to fill in a lot of the gaps in the early material. There is also a sample session on the book page you can read. Please support these publishers so they can continue their work. Enjoy!


    The sessions and texts in the two volumes of The Seth Multiverse come from the archives of Yale University’s Sterling Memorial Library and have previously only been available for on-site reading. They were compiled by Seth researcher Mary Dillman (1946-2020) in hopes that they would one day be published, so as to reflect the image of Jane Roberts and Robert Butts, the physical creators of the Seth material, and Seth the spiritual Part of the Triassic, rounding further. With this edition, these sessions are therefore available in book form for the first time anywhere in the world.

    The texts in the first volume span the years 1970 to 1975 and were written before and during the work on Seth Speaks , The Nature of Personal Reality and The ‘Unknown’ Reality , all written at the house on West Water Street in Elmira, where the Seth phenomenon had begun.

    The reason why these sessions were not included in previously published books was explained by Robert Butts in his notes on the October 1, 1980 session in Seth’s Magical Way :

    ” There are certain sessions that I have been referring to in my mind as ‘filler’ sessions for some time now, or imagine them covering ‘floating material’. They are not book sessions, nor are they specifically personal. They simply keep the sessions going during certain phases. The Christ Sessions originally started that way.”

    The two books thus represent a true journey through time, which in the present volume stretches back to the time just before the publication of The Seth Material , when Jane and Rob first ventured into the broader public with their work. They had been working privately with Seth, who he described as “a personality no longer focused on physical reality” since late 1963.

    Little was known about how Jane and Rob attempted to spread the Seth material, which had accumulated over 500 sessions to date, to a wider community. To do this, they embarked on a promotional tour of major cities in the Northeastern United States, where they took part in numerous sensational radio and TV shows. Unfortunately, there are no longer any recordings of these performances.

    All the more valuable, therefore, are the sessions and recordings in this volume in which these events are recounted, so as to shed new light on the public’s beginnings of the Seth material and responses to it at the time of The Individual and the Nature of Mass events and sit-ins outside the Prentice-Hall publishing house against further publication of Seth’s books.

    The Seth phenomenon does not only include the regular sessions in which Jane Roberts spoke for Seth and Robert Butts meticulously recorded all transmissions verbatim. This includes the readings – a kind of life or situational interpretation – which Jane, usually with the help of Seth, offered to people in need. She was well aware of the responsibility that came with it, which made her reluctant to offer this kind of help.

    The people who turned to Jane in their distress were usually already somewhat familiar with the Seth material, so that Jane or Seth also considers and often solves their problems from aspects such as reincarnation in the context of simultaneous time and probabilities could.

    This book provides an example of this where the parents of a supposedly possessed child contacted Jane and Seth, respectively, and received a response spanning lifetimes and ages, showing that the origin of their child’s behavior did not originate in “possession”, but rather lies in intricate family relationships that go far back in time.

    Although the readings are each given for a specific person and in relation to their problems or life questions, they are often designed in such a way that the answers can also be of use to other people. As an excellent connoisseur of spirit and soul, Seth also offers fascinating and profound descriptions of the characters and essences of individual people, which at the same time also provide deep insights into the collective psyche of mankind.

    Due to her personal background, the Christian religion has always been a problematic subject for Jane Roberts. In the Seth books that have been published to date, there are only scattered sessions about this, as Jane often blocked such information from Seth.

    Nevertheless, Jane and Rob kept toying with the idea of ​​compiling an actual Christ book with all relevant texts, but this did not come about because of the other book projects. A portion of the previously unpublished sessions related to Christianity and the life of Christ are now found in The Seth Multiverse sessions .

    Based on his own life as a trader in Jerusalem at the time of Christ, Seth offers fascinating insights into the events and atmosphere of that time.

    In 1963 in Elmira, NY, the truly amazing and awe-inspiring Seth material began in a poet’s modest study. But even 60 years later, it has lost none of its fascination due to its uniqueness and wisdom.

    Maurizio Vogrig, Seth-Verlag, 2023

    1. Wonderful input Rob, thank you so much! I am also able to translate the Seth-Verlag introduction to the Unpublished Sessions using Safari’s translate option. The internet and browsers’ abilities today are truly a gift.

      And yes, the hope is that the books will be available in English when it is realized how many people are thirsting for more Seth. In the meantime, the Kindle version can be translated by Kindle’s limited but useful translation ability. Yes, please support Maurizio and Seth-Verlag.

  3. Roul Sebastian John

    I am German and I met the founders of this publisher when I worked as a researcher at the Universities of Zürich more than 20 years ago. Now I “accidentally” stumbled over these new Seth books on Amazon Germany when I was searching for something completely different. I am surprised to read that these books are currently only available in German. Even I would prefer to read them in the English original. The Seth-Verlag has been doing a great job in refining the first translation which sometimes gave rise to misunderstandings. But even with their improvements, you still need the original. At least when you delve really deep and try to find the “underlying meaning between the lines”.
    (And then there is this strange additional phenomenon that the text seems to “rewrite itself” over “time”. Being a cognitive scientist, I first ascribed this observation to some cognitive illusion. Until I read in “Dreaming myself, dreaming a town” that others made the same observation, too….)

    1. Well said, thank you for your comment. Yes a lot of people are hoping the English version will be published some time soon. As to the materials being rewritten… when I first noticed this I thought that I had missed some things originally because my understanding of them was not as developed. But there are a lot of people that agree the materials rewrite themselves.

    2. I’ve spent some time now using the translate function on Kindle to read the first book in English. It actually works surprisingly well, as others have said you sometimes get the odd word here and there that seems a bit strange, but if you’re familiar with how Seth and Rob tend to phrase things you can correct for it. I certainly get the same feeling that I’m reading Seth material as I have from all the other books. I can only think that it’s partly because Seth Verlag have done a really great job translating from the original English into German that it works so well in the other direction. This is not to say I don’t want the English versions as well but in the meantime it’s working pretty well.

      1. Thanks Martin, a few people have mentioned the Kindle translate works fairly well. Good point that familiarity with Rob and Seth’s presentations would help with any translation hiccups—that makes perfect sense.

  4. Jaw just dropped open here on the news about the new books. Not sure if there’s anything that can be done to help get these books published in English, but if there is count me in!

  5. Follow up on using “Translate” in Kindle – It’s pretty easy to use, and I’ll have no trouble reading the entire book this way. BUT – when larger chunks are selected (e.g. three paragraphs or so – which is about the limit you can select at one time) there can be some ‘odd’ word choices in the translation. When that happens, I go back and select just a sentence where the odd translation occurred – and often I’ll get a slightly different translation. For example, sometimes it chooses ‘meeting’ instead of ‘session’ in large text blocks. Or ‘well’ instead of ‘now’ (German word, “nun”).

    So you have to play a little. But I’m finding the experience really painless. It helps being familiar with the other Seth books to now how both Rob and Seth phrase things.

    And finally, occasionally you’ll get an idiom that translates in a very German way. “…dancing around your nose” came up for what was probably “being led around by your nose.” I took German in high school way back in the ’70s and I remember many idioms are culture specific. A favorite I remember from class was “Did a bug crawled over your liver?” which is of course the English equivalent of “Is something bugging you?”

    I hope this helps anyone who is curious about this. I just didn’t want to wait for an English version of this great material to come out!

    1. Thank you for that information Bryan! I’ve found with online translators, you just have to open your mind a little if things don’t translate directly… like you’ve done.

  6. Just in case you didn’t know – if you buy the kindle book on Amazon, you can use the translate feature. I do about two paragraphs at a time. It’s not a perfect method, but VERY doable. I suggest if you are curious, download the sample of the book and see if it is workable for you!

  7. Nancy C. Elliott

    Oh Deb,

    Wonderful news of new books. Thanks so much for including me in your email list. Do you know of any efforts to get the Multiverse volumes printed in English and available in the US?


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