Seth Two Speaks (and so do I!)

Hi friends,

Before I get started with Seth Two, I wanted to share an interviewed of me being by Ian Pekrul of My Psychic Manifesto. Ian interviewed me a few weeks ago and then put the video up on YouTube a few days ago. I’ve also been asked to speak at the 2022 California Seth Conference being held the first weekend in April. I’ll update later as more details come in.


My Psychic Manifesto, Episode 7: Seth Research Project with Deb Tejada


So, now for Seth Two! I’ve been down several Seth Research Project sidepaths over the past 12 months and what fun trips they’ve been! This was something that came together pretty effortlessly. Someone asked me if I’d ever heard Jane speaking as Seth Two. I remember reading quotes from Seth Two in the books, and a description of how that sounded, so I wasn’t really sure if I actually had heard something or just imagined it.

Mary had put together a short list of dates of when Seth Two came through. Rich Kendall recorded many ESP classes, and I have his cassettes. The very first recording that I listened to from Mary’s list STARTED OFF with Seth Two speaking! Holy cow, that was unexpected. Well, Jane’s voice doesn’t sound much like what I thought, so I was hearing this voice for first time.

Below is a 9+ minute excerpt (the full session recording is 30 minutes) from Rich Kendall’s recording of an ESP class from January 19, 1971, plus a transcript from TECS3. I happened to notice there were a few minor errors in the book, which I corrected here and appear in blue. Enjoy!

Jane in trance.

A 9+ minute recording of Jane channeling Seth Two with transcript. A transcript of the entire session can be found in The Early Class Sessions, Book 3. © Laurel Davies. Used with permission (thank you Laurel!).


(Seth II:) Fantasies are the realities that your intellect does not perceive. in other You are fantasies, therefore, to those others who watch you and who watch without any awareness of the intellect as you understand it. They and we perceive you then in our place. You would call yourselves fantasies. Our perception allows us to tune into the particular fantasies that you perceive as one indivisible reality. We can perceive it, but we cannot participate, only observe that which, in your terms, eons ago we helped create as you are now continuing in what you might call dreams our fantasies now do create. As we peer into your room, so do you peer into other realities all unknowing. You do not physically recall those journeys that you have yourselves made and are now making. You leave from any moment of your time and you are gone sometimes for centuries of physical time. You leave in the middle of a day and return the day before yesterday or a thousand years hence. Now, that is reality. The small portion that you perceive is but one letter on a page. You cannot comprehend its meaning for the entire word is hidden. Not because it must be, but because you are becoming. At this stage you are only perceiving a portion of your own becoming. We perceive your present room, understanding that you consider it this indivisible reality and yet our presence was sensed. You should therefore understand the very air and breath is in a state of becoming. The air that carries the voice and moves the lungs is itself a method of communication and itself becoming aware.

[Deb’s Note: A pause and then a woman in the class repeats Jane’s name several times as if trying to snap her out of it. There’s a gap in the tape, and then Seth One returns to discuss and explain, which you can read in the book.]

Excerpt From The Early Class Sessions Book 3, ESP Class in Elmira, NY, 1/5/71 – 5/18/71  © Laurel Davies. Used with permission.