Seth Research Project Update 03/15/2021

Hi folks,

Now that I have downloaded all of Mary’s files from her two different cloud storage accounts (hundreds of gigabytes of data), I’ve been getting a better feel for what’s there, as well as her organization style—which can be subjective as we all know.

I’ve just started proofreading Mary’s 47 interview transcripts with their corresponding mp3s—one of the things she specifically asked me to do. As I expected, this is going to be the most enjoyable part of the process. It’s a treat to listen to Mary talk with people who knew Jane and Rob, whether as friends, ESP class members, neighbors, workmates, etc. There are some new little interesting details I’m learning about Jane and Rob, and am keeping notes on those so I can share.

Mary Dillman I’ve also come across a couple of unexpected things in the past two weeks. One is a video of Mary talking about a few different aspects of her research project. I’ve put that up on the Research page, near the bottom.

The other was another completely unexpected find. A friend of Mary’s emailed, asking if I would keep an eye out for more information about Session 881, Dreams, Evolution and Value Fulfillment, where Rob wrote:

“Recently we received an excellent, rather lengthy paper about our work in which the writer, a psychologist, discussed among other things the import of Seth’s material, as well as various explanations of his origin.”

—DEaVF1, Notes Session 881, September 25, 1979 © Laurel Davies-Butts

I thought it sounded like Paul Cunningham’s paper, “The Problem of Seth’s Origin…” but his paper was too current—being dated 2011.  I found an entry in Jane’s personal notes from September 22, 1979 that they had received in the mail “a psychologist’s paper on our work. Paul somebody– 58 pages. I get charged up (about science and ‘fraud’ again).”

Cliffhanger Alert: So I emailed Paul, asking if he was the psychologist Jane and Rob were talking about, and was the paper they mentioned in 1979 an earlier version of the one we can now all read? The short answer was yes. I’ll share more with you in my next update, as I have a bit of scanning to do—Paul sent me some great stuff.

Best regards,