Notable Events Timeline for Jane, Rob, Seth

Hi folks,

Not long ago, I thought it would be interesting to have a timeline based on events regarding Jane, Rob and Seth, and the Seth materials in general. Right after that popped into my head, I realized Mary would have thought the same thing—she left no stone unturned. Sure enough, it was in a collection spreadsheets in an Excel file named “Session Dates Plus.” There was a note from Mary to verify some of the dates (I did my best) and there were some blanks and missing items that I filled in. It took me a while to pull this together as I’m not as familiar with Mary’s resources as she was, but I feel like it’s in pretty good shape at this point.

This is one of the items that will be going to the Yale library when they are again accepting admissions (July 2022). If you have any comments, or feel there any important dates or events missing, please email me at I’d love your feedback.

The 13 page PDF can be downloaded from the Resources page, below the Lists and Indexes heading.

All my best,

Deb Tejada