Interesting Stories From Mary’s Interviews

It’s been about one and a half years since I received the Seth Research Project physical and digital materials. I’m pleased to say that I’ve finally proofread all of Mary’s interviews and gone through most of her spreadsheets. I’ll be sending those to Yale’s “Jane Roberts Papers” archive by the end of this month. I still have some (enjoyable) work ahead of me, but those were my first priority.

I have to admit I really enjoyed the interviews—listening to people talk about their experiences with Jane and Rob, the ESP classes and sessions, and how much that meant to them. The majority of interviewees experienced these things first hand and were convinced that the Seth materials changed their lives for the better. They were grateful to Jane and Rob for their dedication to getting the materials out to the pubic. Those that were interviewed are just the tip of the iceberg—how may people around the world are living better lives thanks to Seth? I can’t even imagine.

During my proofreading, I came across some anecdotes and trivia that I thought would be fun to share. I’ve created a  new SRP web page dedicated to these gems from the interviews, rather than trying to cram them into a blog post. You can access the page HERE. It covers such things as:

▪ Jane’s physical transformation during trance;
▪ Different accounts of table tipping classes (fun stuff!);
▪ A newspaper article by Jane’s first husband, Walter Zeh, about an “explosive incident” while they were working at a dude ranch (yes, you read that correctly, on both counts);
▪ A harrowing experience the New York Boys had driving home in a snowstorm after class;
▪ A reading given by a friend/class member to Jane, explaining her health issues;
▪ … and more!

Thanks for reading! Deb