Village Voice Interview, Part 1 FREE!


Part I of the 1978 Village Voice interview of Jane Roberts (with Rob Butts). FREE download!

From Mary: Through my years of research into Jane, Rob and Seth, I was able to track down the writer of a two-part feature story published in The Village Voice in the fall of 1978. I discovered that he still had his cassette tape recording of the interview, which took place over two consecutive evenings and runs for more than three hours. Part One of this five-part interview is offered free of charge.

Thank you for your support. Proceeds from this project make my research possible. ~ Mary Dillman

Some of the topics covered in this Part 1 are Seth’s initial contact with Jane and Rob and their reactions and questions as the material evolved. Included in this 47MB download are an .mp3 file of 44:58 minutes of audio and a PDF of the transcript.

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