Parts 2-5, VV Audio & Transcript Bundle – SAVE MORE!

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This is a bundled set of Parts 2 through 5 in a 200MB zip file. See Description below for more information. Save an extra $5.00 on the 4 when bought as a bundle!

Part 1 is free and you will need to add it to your Cart by clicking on the Part 1 button. This is a bundled set of Parts 2 through 5 in a 200MB zip file. Keep in mind that if your internet is very slow, it might be better for you to order and download Parts 2-5 individually from the Store page.

Each Part comes with an mp3 audio and a PDF of the transcript. Just some of the topics covered in the interview are:

Part 2: Jane’s childhood, including her time spent at an orphanage in Troy, New York, and how her early years set the stage for the emergence of the Seth personality. 50:25 minutes

Part 3: the “Sumari” experience, the concept of “Evil,” World War II and “Accidents.” 46:06 minutes

Part 4: Jane’s reflections upon the Seth personality and her search for Seth in the dreamstate. Seth enters the conversation. 42:50 minutes

Part 5: Dreams, Out-of-Body Experiences, Individual and Joint Perception, letters to Jane and Rob. 53:42 minutes

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