Barrie’s Eulogy to Mary Dillman

I wrote this almost about a year ago when Mary Dillman (1946-2020) was still very much physically alive. It can now serve as a eulogy of sorts:

Hi folks,
I’ve never done this before but here goes:

This post is about Mary Dillman… a person in the Seth community whose work, I believe, goes too unsung and not mentioned nearly enough. Every Seth reader should not only appreciate her, but also support her with donations and/or by buying her two Seth products—with all money going to support her Seth research and work. That said, everything I write below is exactly how I feel.

Some may know the name Mary Dillman—but how many know ABOUT the invaluable, great work she does to maintain the facts, information, interest in, and integrity and authenticity of the Seth material via her endless nose-to-paper-fingers-to-keyboard painstaking research—uncovering documents, insights and connections concerning the Seth material, Jane and Rob.

You could say that Mary serves as an unofficial consultant to the Yale Archives of Jane’ and Seth’s work. In reality, she is the archive’s living ambassador being its roving mind, searching eyes, digging fingers and probing hands. She also forages for “food” to keep the archives healthy and growing.

Mary does all this at her own expense and deserves our loving, sincere appreciation and support—both emotionally and financially.

Because Mary is humble and devotes most of her energy to her work and not self-promotion, many Seth readers may not know of the two unique, rare and thought-provoking Seth/Jane-related items she has for sale—just waiting to be purchased.

These items would not only help you but any money from the sale of her items (or from donations), helps to support her research so that she can spend most of her time digging for and uncovering more Seth information; while organizing and spreading the word about what she he has found.

To these ends she would travel wherever she could afford to go in order to uncover more information and/or documents concerning Seth and Jane—discovering truths and clarifying rumors.

She also travels to those Seth conferences that she can get to in order to spread the word and details about Jane, Rob, Seth and the Seth material.

If you don’t want to buy anything, contact her or her site to donate so that her endeavors can continue to the best of her abilities.


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